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Name: Josh Bruchwalski
Marker: 06 Empire Timmy
Position: Front/Mid
Number: 1

Josh likes to hang out with his friends.  He also enjoys having a good time.  Everything he does he tries to put into a paintball perspective.  Josh put a good effort in for Team Pittballerz to help them get to 4th place in NY.


Name: Dom Carano
Marker: Shocker
Position: Back
Number: 658


Name: Sean Sokolowski
Marker: Ion
Position: Front

Even though most people think of Sean as a midget off the field he dominates on the field.  He likes to have fun off the field as well as on.  He is always up and going.  He is a very fun kid to be around.  Sean made some mistakes ont he field which didn't help much but he did have some very good games.


Name: Doug Sirkoch
Position: Mid
Number: N/a

Doug is a good and very nice kid to be around.  He is very outgoing and not afraid to play aggressively on the field.  He is always over at a teammates house hangin out with them.  If you don't know this kid already it is not hard to get along with him.  Doug was not avaliable to go to NY.


Name: Nick Glasser
Marker: PM6
Position: Back
Number: 13

Nick is by far the funniest player on the team.  He is a very positive kid.  If you are stuck in a situation Nick will always be with you to the end.  He is also a very good film editor.  If you need any help just give him a call.


Name: Jeff DeNardo
Marker: PM5
Position: Back
Number: 16

Jeff is the newest player to the team but certainly doesn't seem like he is.  He is always looking for ways ot get the team together to hang out.  Allof the team likes Jeff very much for his positive attitude towards the team and the game.  Do not under estimate him on the field or he will mow your face.


If you would liek to join please contact Josh B or Josh D for details.

Thank You For Everyone's Support!