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Team Pittballerz has attended a tournament @ Crazy Daves 5-man on June 11, 2006.  Team Pittballerz took sixth place out of eight teams.  They were five points behind fifth place.  They were only fifteen points from fourth place.  This tournament was the first they played together in.  Not bad for their first time. 

Team Pittballerz second tournament was located in Belfast New York.  They played very well and destroyed the first team.  They dominated the field for that time.  After taking an easy win they played Team Adika.  They were a very experienced team and you coudl tell.  Team Pittballerz kept Adika in there bunkers but couldn't do much and lost.  They were not yet sent to the loser brackit.  After the loss to Adika they played Team Biserk.  Team Biserk was a team made up of old teens and some adults.  All of Biserk has played PSP before.  Team Pittballerz, a new team couldn't do much but they put 100% effort and got a couple Biserk guys out.  Overall Team Pittballerz is a very well formed team and you will be hearing much about them in the near future!

July 30th was a fun day.  Team Pittballerz attended the new Skins series.  It was a 2v2 and the Team Captain ( Josh B ) played along with Josh D.  Nick G. also played some with Pittballerz to help them get to a 4th place finish in their first international event!!!




Thank You For Everyone's Support!